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Getting Started

A short video to jumpstart into projection mapping with Dynamapper. In this video, you can learn about connecting your device to hardware tools, creating a new scene, adding new shapes, mapping with the shapes, material selection,  tap function and performance mode.

Everything You Need to Know


Fast-track your ability to create amazing visual shows using your device. Dynamapper tutorials have all the tools you need for projection mapping.


Learn about the interface, the tools and features in the workplace. 

Performance Mode: Enter view only mode in which all editing tools are hidden.

Material Selection: Open material selection page where you can select base, tap and/or beat materials for the layer.

Lock: Lock the layer’s corners and position.

Layers: Move the layer forward/backward.  

Duplicate: Duplicate the layer.

Trash: Delete the layer.

Touch Particle: Select particle type to be used in performance mode with touch particle feature.

Rectangular Layer: Add a rectangular texture plane.

Triangular Layer: Add a triangular texture plane.

Circular Layer: Add a circular texture plane.

Freeform Layer: Add a freeform texture plane.

Snap Tool: Turn on the snapping feature to snap to control points when near them.

Undo: Reverse the last command executed.

Redo: Restore any actions that have been previously undone.

Home: Return to the home screen.

Performance Mode

Performance mode explained with its features and tools.

Go Back: Go back to the workplace.

Record: Record your scene for playback.

Play: Play the recorded scene.

Touch Particle: Hold the button while dragging another finger on the scene to use the particle feature in performance mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamapper is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

To use Dynamapper, you need a projector and an HDMI converter to connect the projector to your smart device.

Dynamapper will work with any projector that you can connect to your smart device.

Multiple devices: yes, as long as it’s the same account (Google play, Appstore, etc.).
Multiple accounts: no, each account needs to purchase the app separately.

Yes, you can import your own images and videos. For more information, see the tutorials.

There is no maximum file size; however we recommend a maximum file size of 10mb. A maximum of 100 files
can be added.

Supported image formats are jpg and png with a resolution of up to 2048×2048 pixels.

You need to plug in a compatible video cable to your smart device using a converter, in order to connect your device to a projector. Alternatively, you can also wirelessly mirror Dynamapper app on your projector using a wireless streaming dongle that is compatible with your smart device.

All scenes are automatically saved so even if you exit the app your work will be accessible from saved scenes. The three most recent scenes are accessible on the home screen. You can view all of your saved scenes by tapping the “saved scenes” icon on the home screen.

We are here to support

If you have any questions you couldn’t find the answer to, contact us and we will get back to you.

Dynamapper is a projection mapping app for creating visual shows on your smart device. Dynamapper app is developed by Reo-tek company.

Dynamapper is a projection mapping app for creating visual shows on your smart device. Dynamapper app is developed by Reo-tek company.

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