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 Along with iPad, DynaMapper is now available for iPhone and Android Devices via Apple Store and Google Play.

And now with the special Valentine’s Day presets…

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Dynamapper is out on AppStore and Google Play!

DynaMapper is the world’s first interactive projection mapping software for tablets and smart phones. With DynaMapper, you can project any image and animation you like on your living room walls, front of your house, even an entire building.

So, what exactly does it do? Let’s find out:

Do you remember the horrible painting Aunt Jane did and gave to you as a gift many, many years ago? The one you used to hang up on your wall just before her visits? Well, it is “lost” (landfill) and Aunt Jane is coming to visit next week! Aunt Jane might be blind enough to confuse you with your dog Max half of the time, but her eyes are still strong enough to see her painting EVERY time, curiously enough.

Geez, what do you do?! If you don’t come up with something fast and Aunt Jane realizes her picture is not in its cherished spot above your fireplace mantle, she is sure to blacklist you from her famous Thanksgiving dinner! Not to worry, DynaMapper is ready to help! Just find that photo where you were forcing a smile next to that hideous painting while Auntie Jane proudly snapped a shot of you and her “masterpiece” and you are good to go. Open the DynaMapper app, scale the pic, and project it onto the wall! With her brighter, larger, and more-vivid-than-ever painting, Auntie Jane will love you even more and probably leave everything to you in her will (your choice on what to do with the other paintings)!

This could be your sample fictional testimonial as a new DynaMapper fan:
“You rock! You saved my life with your app! Without you our family would have been shattered, I would have eaten a TV dinner alone in my recliner this Thanksgiving, and I would’ve never inherited Aunt Jane’s millions and married a supermodel. Thank you DynaMapper!”

Another potentially plausible fictional testimonial from another DynaMapper fan:
“I was really bored with my home’s current design. It had been a week (A WHOLE WEEK!) since it was re-decorated and it had become so dull and old… Then, I heard about your incredible Dynasoar app and now, I change the interior every day! It’s amazing! The only downside about Dynosaur is that it is too cheap – when my friends ask me about how much it takes to get my home re-decorated, I include the price of my smartphone, smartpad, and smartbook lest I give away my secret for frugal home make-overs! I DO have an image to protect after all!”

Are you bored with your home’s current design? Both interior and exterior seem outdated or boring? No problem! All you need is our app! Oh, and a projector. Now you can tastily redecorate your home. Don’t spend money hiring interior designers anymore – we did that for you already! No need to learn about accent colors, patterns, or spend time watching HGTV with the curtains drawn anymore, guys! And ladies, don’t worry about messing up you accessorizing and being the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

Turn your place, your kid’s room, your game room, your party room into anything you can imagine – it is all possible with DynaMapper. Heck, you can create your very own 3D movie, or even an entire movie theater, complete with an audience (in case you don’t like to watch movies alone). Project any image or animation onto your living room walls, your bathroom wall (if you’re into that sort of thing), the front of your house, or even on the side of an entire building. Endless redecorating options, and don’t even get me started on the party possibilities! You simply can’t have a cool party anymore without DynaMapper!


- Easy and intuitive user interface
- Rectangular and Bezier Mesh tools for mapping both rectangular and rounded surfaces.
- Works with not only images but also videos ( mp4 ).
- Built in material pack for basic coloring / texturing.
- Live playing! Be your own VJ, play with lights just like an instrument!


New Features in version 2.0.2:

-DynaMapper now is now supported on iPhone and Android devices too!
-Comes with a fabulous ‘Valentines Day Pack’ (Android users with paid version need to download the pack from “Contents” section).
-Memory usage has been greatly reduced.
-Loading screen crashes are now significantly less likely to occur (Note that using high resolution images or videos may still cause a crash due to memory limitations).
-After a loading screen crash, progress bar now continues from where it left of instead of restarting.
-Restarting the application is no longer necessary after adding new files.

New Features in version 2.0:

- Video playing
- New video and image presets
- Shiny and simpler interface
- Ability to import a videos and images from iTunes>Documents
- Snap to edges of screen and locked planes
- Improved scene loading performance
- Memory & FPS warnings
- New tutorials
- Two sided planes
- Stability improvement and minor bug fixes

Map, tap, enjoy!


Download here on App Store.
Download here on Google Play.
Download free version here on Google Play (Supports maximum of 1 videos in a scene with resolution 320×240 pixels or lower).


For more info: info [at] dynamapper.net

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